3 Things You Need to Know to Avoid Job Fraud

There are so many job websites on the Internet today. Some can be trusted and vice versa. There is also a platform that can be trusted, but the job offers advertise cannot be trusted or job fraud. According to the news release by Christian Science Monitor, around hundreds a million people in the world lost their job because pandemic. Seeing so many jobless today, there are just some people who took the opportunity with this current situation. They make fake or fraudulent job advertisements for personal gain.

How do we know that job advertisements are fraudulent or fake?

3 things you need to know to avoid Job Fraud

  1. Pay Attention for Simple Requirements

I once registered at one of job website and made my CV visible so people can see all my phone number there. Few days later, I received so many phone calls for job offering. Most of them are fraud. When I contact them and they asked me to visit a website and see the job requirement is very simple, but I still continue to register and when I saw some columns for personal data and bank number required, I realize that this is scammer. So, if there is a vacancy that includes requirements that seem easy and general, you should definitely suspect them. The right job vacancy is to provide detailed requirements for prospective employees and big company never put salary on jobs advertisement


  1. If it’s an incoming email for job offer, pay attention to the domain of the email.

Have you ever received an e-mail from someone on behalf of a big company who said that you were selected as one of their candidates and were told to fill out the form attached to the e-mail? If so, be careful not to get caught up in fraud like this. You need to check the email domain. The email that doesn’t use a company domain is clearly fraud. You need to call the company number and ask about the person who emailed you.


  1. Made In A Hurry Decide Something, And Excessive.

Usually job fraud will require you to make a hasty decision during an interview. They also lure excessive salary and intensive even though you have no work experience at all. You need to find out about this company on Google. If it turns out that the rating is really bad, then you need to be careful to make the decision to join the company.


Source: Google


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