3 Ways to Answer Questions: Why are you interested in applying for this job?

This is one of the main question when you go for a job interview . If the interviewer asked you the question “Why are you interested in this job? What will you answer?

Before we elaborate on the best answer to answer that question, remember to always be honest in the interview process because that will be of added value to you. And those recruiters are definitely people who are experts in this field. So don’t ever lie.

We continue variations of these questions can vary actually; the following is an example;

  • Why are you interested in applying for this job?
  • Why are you interested in this job?
  • Why are you interested in applying for our company?

These questions above are actually easy to answer,but because of stress many candidates are often confused looking for reasons and how to convey to the interviewer. For stress graduates, this interview question will be difficult to answer, in contrast to experienced job applicants.

Here are 3 smart ways to answer the question why are you interested in applying for this job;

1. Show your enthusiasm for the work in the company

As I mentioned above, the interviewer wants to know your interest and enthusiasm for the job you are applying for. Therefore show enthusiasm that you are really interested in this position. And say that you are really thankful while you work with this prestigious company in your interested position.

You should show more Enthusiasm and high interest to convince the interviewer that you are the right choice for this position. In support of this, of course you must have enough information related to work positions in the company. Not just the job position, you must find information about the company to add what is needed.


You are currently interviewing a company engaged in providing internet services, for example, Tre, then you can provide in the following way;

How to Answer Questions Why are you interested in applying for this job?

There is one interesting thing when looking at job vacancies at Tre. I read in technology magazine apparently this company made its own analysis tools in managing the internet and has received many awards both nationally and internationally. I see the team so compact in carrying out both short and long term strategies. I am very interested in joining the team, and taking an active role in it in accelerating the progress of the company.

With your knowledge and enthusiasm about the company concerned, this will give special assessment to interviewers that you are interested in the development of their company. And this will make the interviewer interested in you.

2. Connect your expertise and experience in the position

Never apply for a job that doesn’t fit your expertise and experience. Because I am sure, you will not be able to answer the question “Why are you interested in working in this position?”.

Convince the interviewer that you have good expertise and experience related to the job position. Try to show the interviewer what important things are needed to fill the position, add about the “skills needed”.


The part that makes me interested in this job is because, I will get the opportunity to combine programming skills that I get after becoming a senior software engineer and my talent in doing quantitative analysis, where I have an interest in developing my interest in investment and portfolio management.

Keep the conversation short, so that you have plenty of opportunities to discuss skills and stories that are relevant for the position you are applying for during the interview. Focus on a number of key abilities and experiences that are relevant to the job position available.

3. Make sure that the job is important and will make your career brilliant

You should show that the position will provide many benefits not only to the company but to your personal career too. Show that you will be in total position, not used as a job to fill leisure time, or as a stepping stone to get another job.


I have worked in the financial sector for a long time and have been actively handling portfolios for 7 years. Become a part of Tre,is the thing I want. I think this company is the right place for me to be able to use my technical expertise and think financially.

I am very interested in upgrading more knowledge and expertise and trying to contribute as much as possible to the progress of this company.Do not give a time limit for when you would work in this company with the position. Just show a realistic reason why you need the job.

Conclusion, Combine the three ways above to answer and convince the interviewer about the questions asked. Show your enthusiasm for the work in the company, connect between your expertise and experience in the position, make sure that the job is important and will make your career brilliant.

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