Tips for Looking A job When Corona Pandemic

Are You Looking for A Job in this Corona Pandemic time? No Problem, Here some tips to Follow.

The impact of the corona virus is heavily affected our daily life, including job,social life, and other . Many companies are already stopped their operation because of financial bankrupt. Many people got lost their job and just staying at home. Only few companies are recruiting new employees.

Depending on the interests and skills you have, there are still many companies that also open vacancies. Well, how to get a job opportunity in a situation like now? Here are some tips!

1. Send application to various companies who are in Operation

There is lot of time when you just stay at home. Use it wisely to send as many applications to the companies who have vacancies available.

Even the world economy destroyed because of pandemic, we still need to move on with our life. There are still many companies using this as a new opportunity to make their business a successful one. So they are still looking for new employees. But before apply for a job you must carefully check and make sure how the condition of the company . According to Forbes, several industries such as networked supermarkets, pharmaceuticals, as well as the technology world have the potential to open vacancies.

2. Expand Network Connection

In this lock down period, you can reach people to many people through social media and expand connections. With the reference from these connection you may look for job opportunities too. Sometimes, there are some vacancies that are not distributed in any websites,but may your connected partner knows and help you to get it.

3. Develop new skills and things

Actually this is the right time for you to develop your skills while at home. There are many free online courses about many subjects. Through these online classes or learning through YouTube can add a new skills in your resume. It is possible that your new skills will be needed for future work.

4. Be more responsive

Social distancing is inevitable in this pandemic situation. So the interviews mostly happening through telephonic conversations or online video conferencing. If you are one of the candidates chosen to process online, make sure you are more responsive than before. Prepare yourself more mature to stand out yourself in front of the job interviewer.

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