4 Tricks To Handle Job Interview Well

4 Tricks To Handle Job Interview Well

Skills and knowledge are necessary to preparation for job seeker when they are selected for job interview. Feeling anxious and nervous are normal things at job interview. Those are feeling not for fresh graduate only, but for those people who have job experienced still get anxious and nervous when they have interview to get a better position.

How to deal with these feeling, so we can give a good performance during interview, there are some trick need to be attention.

  1. Prepare your mentally ton answer for out of the topic question of the position you applying for.

Sometimes there are some job interviewers ask for un- expected question, they like to ask questions that are not related to the job position that you are applying for. This is where your mental test confronts people like this. usually these unexpected questions are addressed to people applying for marketing positions. They want to know how you deal with problems by asking difficult questions.

  1. Answer the questions straightforwardly and politely.

Don’t answer the question in a long-winded way, but don’t make up a story that sounds like bullshit. Avoid answering questions with “don’t know” answers. If you don’t understand about the question ask them to repeat the question

 3.       Be Optimistic and Give Positive Impression You should not feel too inferior or arrogant when talking about your strengths and abilities.

Do not like to assume something bad will happen when interviewed. Keep thinking positively. Show that you have a high focus and work ethic so that the interviewer gives you more value. Because, Nowadays to have employees who have a high work ethic is difficult.

  1. Show You Are Interested for the job You are applying

For those of you fresh graduates who don’t have work experience, it’s obligatory to show your interest in the job you are applying for. Learn in advance about the position and about the company that you are going to apply for. Look for as much information as possible to show that you are a smart person even though you don’t have work experience.


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