Tips For Attending A Job Fair

Job fair is t one of the effective methods to find work for those of you who are just finishing college. By registering at the job event, you can find various job openings from different companies. You do not need to send many applications through the post office or online and do not need to be tired of applying directly go to their office.

What you need to consider if you want to take part in the job fair, make sure you prepare carefully for the first impression. Because the number of your competitors will be too many as its a public job fair.

Some companies usually also open direct interview sessions to see applicants’ performance. So here are 6 tips for successful job search at the job fair.

1. Make a List of Participating Companies and Learn About them

Usually the job fair ads will show the names of participating companies. Whether it’s on the job fair banner, website, email, or other media. If you find info about the company. It makes it easy for you to prepare yourself if the interview turn comes to you.

3. Make  A Good and Attractive Resume/CV

Resumes, cover letters, portfolios, or whatever they are called, make sure you make it as attractive and impressive as possible.Go online and make good and attractive resume. Now there are many online applications for creating unique resumes. Always make sure you update the resume time to time with all new and old skills and work experience that you have.

Finally, try to print as many resumes as possible to be taken to the job fair. Think of it as a backup. If it is a little, afraid that you will even run out of resume.

4. Make sure all documents are complete

The day before the job fair, try to re-check all documents that you will bring. Starting from the application letter, resume, diploma, certificate, photo and other supporting documents. Make sure everything is available in order.

Arrange your documents neatly. To avoid clutter, attach the clip and put it in a folder. That way, later on in your location no longer need to be confused to arrange it.One more thing, don’t bring dirty files! That will make a bad impression for you.

5. Practice gestures and how to communicate in front of the mirror

Another tips for finding work at a job fair is to practice at home. When you are still at home, try practicing your gestures and ways of communicating in front of the mirror.

It would be better if you make a brief note about self-introduction on paper. These notes are to help you be smoother when interviewed at the job fair location. Moreover, by practicing, you can also reduce nervousness and minimize mistakes that might occur.

6. Make a List of Questions for the Company, Minimum Five!

Make a stand among the crowd, by playing an active role in giving questions to the company. Just make at least 5 questions from home for each company. For example, about work positions, job desks, how many vacancies are opened, or others.

By asking questions, it shows that you are really interested in that company and the position they are offering. Surely the interviewer is also increasingly interested in you. This is what I often do to make me stand out from other participants and finally get a job.

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