Digital Marketing Strategies to Increase Revenue

Digital Marketing Strategies to Increase Revenue


Nowadays,  almost all business people use digital marketing to market their products. In addition to the reason for faster marketing using digital marketing, this method also reaches consumers more easily and the target market is wider.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a place to promote products or services using electronic tools that we know as the internet. Although, it sounds practical and promising, to run digital marketing certainly requires a strategy.

Digital marketing currently plays an important role in modern business, because it influences consumers in deciding to buy a marketed service and product.

The benefits of digital marketing: Enables businesses to provide information to consumers, the target is reached easily, reach consumers in an extensive and thorough, can distribute content / brand your product to the world with just a few clicks and conversion percentage of sales each ad we spend knowable .

What are the strategies of digital marketing to increase revenue?

1. Using Social Media

Social media is an application where people can create and share a piece of content or communicate with others. Social Media are known today are: YouTube, Instagram, Snipchat, Facebook, Twitter and tiktok.

How do this social media work in digital marketing?
  • Conducting audience research
  • Creating the attract attention of text copy writing
  • Creating a mobile friendly content
  • Choose an ad format in accordance with the product
  • Determine Budget
  • Set the ad show schedule
2. Using Google My Business

Google My Business is one of the marketing products released by Google in 2012, which can display an Instant business profile which includes an address, phone number, email, operational time, business rating and the category of the business we are running. By using Google My Business allows consumers to find the location of your business. If we use Google My Business properly, information about our business venture will appear to be at the top of the Google search engine.

3. Creating a Website

As I have shared in the previous article that with a blog you can make money as long as it is used appropriately. An example is using a blog as a marketing tool for your business products. With a website you can build a good business reputation online in a professional manner.

4. Using Business Email

People will believe if you use email with your business domain as identity. The use of email business domain will look professional and increase consumer confidence.

5. Using SEO Techniques

The use of proper SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques can increase the number of visitors and place us in the top position on search engine pages.

6. Create a Buyer Persona

What is meant here is the percentage of sales conversions every ad that we spend based on detailed audience research. You create fictional characters that represent the target typical of customers that is based on a broad audience. The trick is, you collect demographic data, consumer behavior or interests that we can identify, how to solve and provide solutions to a problem and create a target marketing statement. In this way the business prospects could be guaranteed, because the market already understands about what is needed.
Source for creating persona: analytics, employee (question and answer), surveys and one on one interview.

7. Using the Copy Writing Strategy

Using copy writing with the right content can aim to increase brand awareness and ultimately persuade a person or group to take certain actions such as making a purchase. With the right copy writing can increase the popularity of your business venture. Before using this strategy, first understand the types of products to be marketed.

8. Collaboration with Influencers

If you have a lot of money to market your business venture, there’s nothing wrong with partnering with influencers to market your products. Choose influencers according to the budget, has a good reputation, high engagement, and suited to the target market.

Well after knowing some marketing strategies above, which one is suitable to digital marketing that will be put to use?


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