Deceptive Job Ads

1. How can I recognize advertisements for fraudulent work?

Job advertisements with bids that are excessive and very profitable are usually the first sign that must be considered. Beware if the advertiser asks for the following information:

  • Pay-in-advance fee (for example the cost of the “process” application). The company or advertiser WILL NOT ask for your money or account information or credit card.
  • Request a money transfer / transfer where you will “get” a certain portion / portion of payment.
  • Bank account or credit card information
  • Copy of ID or PASSPORT as part of the application process.
  • TAX information. This information will only be provided if you have received a legal job offer.
  • Personal information that is not related to work, for example physical appearance, marital status.
  • username and password
  • All information of a personal identification nature

You are advised to always check the validity of each job opening, email or advertiser who seems suspicious before giving a response. For example, a reputable company usually won’t use a Hotmail e-mail address or other free e-mail accounts in their job advertisements. If you still feel doubtful, please contact the company directly for direct verification.

2. What should I do if there is a suspicious (fraudulent) job opening?

If you have doubts about the validity of a job advertisement:

  • DO NOT respond to these ads.
  • Immediately report the ad to, along with the job ad link.
  • Make sure your computer is protected with the latest Anti-Virus device.
  • If you have had time to provide bank or credit card information, immediately contact your bank or financial institution to request the next clue.
  • Always be aware of suspicious emails / emails that request your personal information.
  • If you receive a suspicious email / e-mail, the best step is to immediately delete it from your account. Don’t click on the link given or reply to the email, you could have accidentally downloaded the “Trojan” or “key logging” virus, which would endanger the security of your data. By replying to these emails, you will be at risk of receiving more and more emails from the same source of fraud.


How do I report a job ad or fraudulent activity?

I have sent personal information / details. What should I do? always strives to ensure that all job advertisements on our site are official and legal. We will also immediately remove any job advertisements identified as having violated the applicable Terms & Conditions. If you suspect certain job advertisements on the, please contact us at If, contacts you regarding certain job advertisements that are suspicious, please immediately stop all communication with the parties concerned and if you have submit personal information, follow these steps:

  • Banking: If you have provided your banking information, immediately contact the Bank or related financial institutions.
  • Fraud or Identity theft: If you feel your identity is in danger, immediately contact the nearest police station.

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