Stress is a natural thing and often happens to everyone who lives on this earth, especially for workers.

Feeling a heavy burden in the office such as haunting deadlines every day, angry bosses, or so many tasks that cannot be completed, clients who fail their working relationships are stressors for those who work.

Although stress is very reasonable for workers, it turns out that this cannot be taught just like that. Because this can trigger the emergence of various diseases in the body that can sometimes endanger your life.

Meditation is the key to relieving stress for workers.

Reported on the page Civilized , meditation has been shown to reduce high blood pressure, reduce anxiety, depression, insomnia, and can improve health and vitality. In addition, meditation can reduce the effects of aging on the brain.

But unfortunately many workers feel that they do not have time or not have enough time to meditate while working. Are you the one who feels the same way? Don’t worry because it turns out that you can do meditation when working hours arrive.

1. Do the Right Breathing Technique

Does it work so much pressure? Make you panic and have trouble breathing easily? Then breathe properly then everything will feel light again.

Breathing here is not the breath that is always done every second. There is a technique of self-breathing in meditation to relieve stress .

The following simple breathing techniques can tame stress attacks that make it difficult for you to breathe.

‘Take a deep breath, hold it down to four, then exhale slowly.’

This circulates oxygen in the lungs so that lots of fresh oxygen-rich air will enter your lungs so that you can reduce the negative pressure inside you naturally.

You can try to breathe this way for three or four times, because so many have proven the efficacy of that breathing method and proven successful.

2. Use Lunch Times Effectively

In addition to breathing techniques above, meditation can also be done in other ways, one of them by ‘calming the mind’ for a moment.

Lunch time is the right time for you to take a break from the workload.

But sometimes there are a lot of workers who still use their lunch time to work on the pretext that the work is completed faster, it turns out things aren’t right.

When lunch arrives, take a break. Never interrupt your lunch time by working on a pile of work at your desk.

Exit to have lunch in the canteen, or at a place to eat if you bring lunch. After that, don’t go straight back to the office desk. You can use the rest of your lunch break by relaxing your mind for a moment by sleeping or even just sitting around in the office.

Don’t hesitate to use the facility because it’s also there to help you. After everything is finished, you will get new energy and the stack of existing work will be resolved and all the burden will be lost.


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