How To know If Its A fake Job or Not

When we looking for a job through the most easiest platforms like social media and online job provider channels, we should be aware that ,it may not be the correct information . The job vacancies and interview invitations spreading on internet may not be valid. There are many people using the opportunity to make money from these scamming. Mostly they will make us believe that ,its from a genuine company.

In this modern digital world its easy to find jobs from reliable sources like jobstreet, linkedin, indeed and many more. There you can directly apply to the employer. For jobspostinfo readers, we have 5 Tips to Avoid Job Fraud that can harm you

1. Check the Company Email Address

The Companies that offering job vacancies will have an official email address where you should send the applications and receive the future proceedings. But if you find the email address is not directly related to company domain, then you should be careful to apply . Fraud people may not have an original company email, instead they will be using free emails.

2. Check Company Address and Telephone Number

There are many fraud people using fake company to attract job seekers .So you should always check the address and telephone number of the company listed in the job information and search in google to find ,if its a genuine one or not. If you cannot find any information about listed company on internet, most probably a fraud one. Then you should avoid applying through these sources.

2. Avoid Offer Fantastic Salary or Unreasonable Salary.

Do not be tempted by large salaries, because this is a trick for fraudsters to attract victims by utilizing the lure of fantastic salary. To avoid fraud, you should research or find out in advance how many jobs you are applying for, you can ask a friend who has worked in the field or look for it on the Internet.

The level of irregularity can be measured by observing whether the high salary is in accordance with job qualifications or not. If the salary is high but the qualifications are low, then it is likely that the job vacancy is a fake.

3. Ask For Some Money When Interviewing

Never trust a company recruiter that requires you to pay a sum of money join the recruitment process. Whether it’s in the form of administrative costs, registration fees, transportation funds, to the collection of fees for reasons of job training. A Professional company will never charge anything for the selection / recruitment process.

4. Beware of Interview Locations Outside the City

Not all job openings that inform about test locations or job interviews outside of the city are fake. However, pay close attention to the requirements. If, the job advertiser requires that you book airplane and hotel tickets with certain travel agents in order to take a job interview, then you should think twice to apply for a job with the company. This is mode of fraud that has happened a lot.

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