Make Money at Home during Corona Virus Outbreak

Corona virus outbreaks or covid-19 hit the world since the beginning of 2020 , have affected various aspects of our lives. The worlds economic impact is one of the most hard thing that we saw after corona outbreak. Many people lost their jobs and with business owners who were forced to close their business because of this economic destruction.

While corona epidemic is spreading all over the world ,its really difficult to find work .Because WHO protocol while corora is to have social distancing and the governments all over the world are encourages workers to work from home or limited people with social distancing and with some other protocols. So many countries already in Lock down to avoid Corona spreading.

Irrespective of the situation we still need money to live and there are still opportunities for earning income from home. The following article summarizes the types of work that you can do from home to earn income. This job you can also do as a side while you work from home.

Teach and paid to be an online tutor

In this modern time there are many online platform for tutoring services such as upgrad, udemi, etc. They require many online tutors for different subjects. The people who have mastered in any subjects that are in their website, can be an online tutor for the students who studied through those websites.In addition to school lessons, professional skills such as graphic design, web development, programming are also in great demand .

While corona still stay and spread in the world,most of the people spend more free time at home. So for making it as a useful time ,many of them started online learning for different subjects. This is where the demand for online tutor services has increased. Try to think about whether there is subject matter or skills that you master? If there might be an online tutor, it could be your choice.

Selling stock photos on the internet

There are many websites on the internet that give you access to get photos for free or paid. Such sites are referred to as stock websites, while those who contribute send their graphic work called stock artists. Well, if you have a hobby and photography skills, you can sell your photos as stock photos on sites like this: Shutterstock, Flickr, Unsplash and others. This job is certainly fairly easy to get money when you are not allowed to leave the house.

Instead of your camera idle, you better use the time to take pictures and try to sell it on the stock website. Besides being able to earn money, this stock photo site can also be a place for people who admire your work and become a portfolio of your work.

YouTuber- Make money from your videos

It’s not a secret that now so many people became YouTuber because of the income it gives . As a YouTube Content Creator, you can earn income by advertising from Google AdSense, creating sponsored content, joining affiliate marketing or selling your own products on your YouTube channel. To make videos on YouTube is actually not too difficult. All you need is a camera (even a mobile camera), laptop or computer to edit videos and the internet to upload videos and share it to as many people.

Make money from selling healthy food or drinks online

The work that can be done generally is work based online, one of which is managing an online shop business. You can sell products such as: food, drinks, clothing, bags, shoes and accessories. Even in a lockdown ,people need necessary things .If you can arrange an online platform like facebook page ,website…etc.,you can start selling online. When you’re at home, you can open and manage your own online shop business. Currently, to make an online shop is not difficult, there are many local market places that you can use to sell your products.

In addition to utilizing the marketplace, you are also facilitated with social media such as Instagram and Facebook. Upload your sales products to social media then share them with your friends, or if you have capital you can advertise it

Extra money by filling out online surveys

There are many websites on the internet that offer paid online surveys. This means that by filling out the survey on the site you can get money. In addition to money, rewards are usually given in the form of vouchers or shopping coupons, gifts in the form of goods, credit and others.

Surveys like this are usually carried out by companies who want to find out the public opinion of their products. You could say filling out an online survey is the quickest and easiest way because you don’t have to have special skills.

Create your own website and get money from sponsored posts & affiliate marketing

You can create a personal website using a blogger or wordpress site. You can write various things on this website depending on your interests. If your website has regular visitors then you can get money by monetizing via Google AdSense. After advertising through Google Adsense then you will get money from ads posted on the website. Similar to YouTube, the more people who visit your website the more ads that are displayed and the more money you can get.

In addition to advertising through Google Adsense, you can also participate in affiliate marketing or affiliate marketing programs. The way it works is simple, you just have to embed product links from affiliated companies on your website content. If the product is clicked or purchased by your website visitors you will get money that has been agreed upon in advance.



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