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Request for Proposal (RFP)

Public-Private Investments and Blended Finance Study Consultancy

The Government of Canada, through the Embassy of Canada in Jakarta is seeking a qualified independent consultant or firm to conduct a scoping study to identify blended finance opportunities in Indonesia, including (but not limited to) PPP. Canada would like to map out the current landscape for blended finance in Indonesia. Based on the results of the ASPIRE Project  assessment, this exercise will identify opportunities, entry points, actors or initiatives, where the Canadian Development Program in Indonesia can have a value added and which it could consider in its future programming. Of particular interest, it seeks to identify how Canada’s support can best be used to leverage and attract global financial resources to fund SDG. The evaluation will also offer recommendations on how to align identified opportunities with Global Affair’s Feminist International Assistance Policy.

In this regard, the Canadian Embassy would also like that this consultancy organize and facilitate three policy dialogue events in order to consult with the Government of Indonesia, private sector and social investors/impact investment fund managers in Indonesia, but also to contribute to the development of an network with and between key stakeholders.

How to Apply

Request for Proposal (RFP) documents containing detailed description of services, deliverables and terms of reference (ToR) will be provided via email request only. Interested candidates are requested to send an email to  quoting “Public-Private Investments and Blended Finance Study” in the subject line by 05:00 PM on Thursday, December 13, 2018 at the latest.

Proposals must be submitted in word format and must be received by the Canadian Embassy before05:00 PM on December 16, 2018 quoting “Public-Private Investments and Blended Finance Study” in the subject line. Proposals must include the Technical and Financial Proposals attached in the ToR. Your proposal should be sent to Late submissions will not be reviewed.


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