The Job Market in Netherlands

Netherlands is one of the best and beautiful place to find work for English speakers, because most people can speak not only Dutch but also most of them an speak English well. But wherever you go and want to settle down,then you should learning their own native language. Learning Dutch language will increase your chances of getting jobs easily. So, it’s worth learning Dutch language if you’re planning to be staying long-term in Netherlands.

Netherlands unemployment rate has been very lower if we compare with some of other EU countries. Most of the people working in these key industries in the Netherlands include fishing, construction, chemicals, electrical machinery and equipment, and agro-industries.

The job market in Netherlands is increasing its popularity with well-educated foreigners in search of a great career and well-maintained lifestyle. The job market has a huge diversity depending on the cities culture and development. Some cities are known for their expertise in certain area of industries.

Netherlands capital Amsterdam have job opportunities for creative people, media graduates, marketing experts, teachers and financial service workers. Amsterdam’s job market can be tough because, city has relatively high levels of unemployment. But it’s still possible for to get a dream job, if take advice from a native recruitment consultant.

The city Rotterdam’s job market is a little different than the capital city. Even though the city has the highest unemployment rate in the Netherlands, most of the job vacancies here are suitable for English speakers. There’s particular demand for logistics staff, but regional government jobs and those in medicine field remain popular.

The city Utrecht, mostly famous for having top roles in the medical industry. Eindhoven is home to some of the biggest companies in the technological and IT sectors.

The Netherlands has a very large number of expats and immigrants in all over the country. Because of the economical developments, many foreign companies have already started their business here and also they are providing more international jobs. There’s always a demand not only for the natives but also for the people who can speak different languages in the Netherlands. There are lots of English-speaking jobs in the Netherlands. But applicants who can also speak French or German are also desirable to employers. 

Learning native language when settling in a new country will definitely increase your job opportunities. Actually, you don’t necessarily need to be a fluent Dutch speaker to secure a role in the Netherlands. Just to know the basic communication is enough to get an English-speaking job.

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