The Job market in Sweden

In Sweden the labor laws ensure that everyone has the right to be treated equally regardless of their ethnicity, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation or any other functional disabilities. All workers have strong rights in Sweden, their labor unions are powerful, and collective to make sure the development of a healthy work environment and safety for the employees.

If you are coming from European countries, its mostly easy to find the job in Sweden. Although almost all Swedish people are fluent in English, most of the business will be conducted in Swedish, so it will be great beneficial if you learn the native language. But If you come from a non-EU country then you need a work permit to work in Sweden. So its better to find a job before you move to the country. Even though job markets in Sweden for Non-Eu country residents is tough, but not impossible . There are many English-speaking jobs are available in Swedish Job market.

Most of the international qualifications are recognized in Sweden. But Professions such as dentistry, medicine, and law have special authorities, which will consider and determine the relevance of your qualification in Sweden.

While many industries are highly competitive,there are many other industries are currently having a skilled labor shortage. There are some of the areas having shortage includes:

  • accountants
  • engineers
  • chefs
  • butchers
  • sheet metal workers
  • software engineers

These websites will publish the job vacancies in various sectors –,,,,,,,, 

Job vacancies in English –,, LinkedIn’s job search portal, neuvoo – global job source, and one of the best place to look for a position is the The European Job Mobility Portal (EURES).

Some recruitment agencies –  Academic Work, Adecco ,Incluso, Manpower ,OnePartnerGroup , Randstad ,TNG ,Undutchables.

Once you get a job in one of these positions and it fulfills the government’s immigration criteria, then you can apply for a work permit.  When you apply for a work permit, you can also apply for residence permits for your spouse (including common-law and registered partners) and unmarried children under 21. Your family members can start to work or study right away when you get to Sweden.

The another additional benefits other than a career , there is tax-financed social benefits mean you don’t have to worry about the cost of healthcare, childcare or your children’s education. Swedish benefits will make these and other aspects of life more affordable. Eighteen months of paid parental leave – based on income – are offered per child, with job security when you return to work, and sick leave benefit means that you can focus on your health when you have health problem. All these aspects and benefits really attracts everyone to try and secure a job in Sweden.

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