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Finding a job is one of the objectives taken after graduating from the study. For those of you fresh graduates, getting a job is something that is making headache. There are many ways to get that dream job.

One of them is by following job fair which is held by many campuses or companies to be able to register directly. But current technological developments have made things easier, including in job search.

At this time you don’t have to bother sending a series of physical files to the company you are applying for. Simply create an account on these job search sites and you can immediately apply for your dream job. These job search sites are free and can be accessed by anyone, including you fresh graduates.

The following are 5 job search sites in Indonesia that can help you fresh graduates to start their careers summarized

1. is one of the largest job search portals in Indonesia. Founded in January 2015, has offered various job openings from various large companies in Indonesia. has collaborated with the Ministry of Manpower of the Republic of Indonesia in providing job openings for people in Indonesia.

This site provides career options for job seekers in various fields such as finance and banking, information technology (IT) and telecommunications, media and advertising, and much more.

Here you can find jobs according to fields, location, company, industry and position. You can simply create an account at and complete the identity profile and upload the latest resumes and CVs. Not only resumes, you can also upload other supporting documents such as certificates, letters of recommendation, or value transcripts.

2. Jobstreet

Jobstreet is one of the largest job search portals in Southeast Asia. Established in 1997 in Mayalsia, Jobstreet has served around 80,000 companies and 11 million job seekers. Here you can simply enter a professional identity with your best resume. You can search for jobs according to the criteria you want and according to your educational background.

You can search for jobs based on location and specialization even based on the minimum salary you want. Many large companies use Jobstreet to recruit workers. In addition, Jobstreet also provides free English tests called JELA or JobStreet English Language Assessment. Here you can find out how far your English skills are by answering 40 English test questions.

For you fresh graduates who are looking for work, you can directly create a Jobstreet account at, create your professional profile, include photos, and don’t forget to upload your latest resume or CV so that recruiters can see their potential.


Besides offering various kinds of job openings.’s site also has interesting features for you fresh graduates. Here you can do various self-development tests such as English tests, interest tests, or communication style tests. This series of tests can also be used as a job search company to consider whether you are eligible for employment by them or not.

These tests are also developed by trusted parties who are directly selected by team. such as for English tests that work with English First (EF) to provide international standard English language test kits.  Then test the interest and style of communication managed by Psychological Services at the Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia.

All these self-development features can be accessed free of charge for you. You can simply create an account on this site or you can connect your Linkedin account to this site, so your profile will automatically be synchronized.


The site is well-known as a site that can see reviews and salaries at a company. Qerja has a database consisting of thousands of salary data and reviews of workplaces from the most accurate sources, namely employees.

Here you can see the salary range for a position in the company you want. In addition, you can also see reviews of people who have worked at the company so you can have an overview of the corporate culture offered by the company. Besides that in Qerja you can also find various kinds of information about training and self-development held offline at the designated place.

5. Glints

Glints is one of the largest recruitment portals in Asia that has helped many recruiters and job seekers. Glints are packaged in a ‘contemporary’ model that is easy for young people to accept. In addition to job openings, here you can also find job vacancies in various well-known companies.

In addition, you can also find information about career development and can take part in a question and answer forum about career development on discovery features.

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