Tips for Finding Part-Time Jobs for Students

Tips for Finding Part-Time Jobs for Students

Part-time work not only will give you money, but it can also teach you about how valuable your time and skills are in how to manage finances. To find a good part time job, you need make resume with a list of the skills and talents you have. Then you can decide on the job target that you will apply. This way you can save time and apply for suitable jobs. Well, let’s look at some tips for finding part-time work for students:

1. Search Jobs from Various Sources

As a student there is many ways to find work, such as through bulletin boards on campus or on the campus website. In addition, you can also ask for help or information from lecturers who you may already know well. You can also search for information about part-time jobs online on search engines, social media.

For social media job search you can use LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Especially for LinkedIn, you can start by looking at the connection list to see if there is someone who can introduce you to the company you want. As for Twitter, you can get part time jobs by searching hashtags like #jobopening #nowhiring or #freelance

2. Start Early

Its better to start early than late. You should search and apply part-time jobs before you start college because in the first weeks of college you will see many other students also looking for part-time jobs. It will make difficult to get jobs for everyone. Keep you one step ahead compared to campus friends who incidentally are rivals for getting part-time jobs.

3. Pay attention to your CV

CV is the most important thing when you are looking for a job full-time or part time. No matter what type of job you are applying for, try your CV to really sell your skills ,abilities and attract people to read.

Considering that job experience will increase your chances to get any job, include some experiences from the past. The experience here is not only about work, but it could be about your experience as a volunteer for an event, experience in helping a family business and so on.

Also remember to make sure all the information contained in your CV is up to date. Do not let because of any small negligence you lose a great opportunity to join as one of the part-time employees in a company. In addition, it would be better if you have several different CVs if you intend to find part-time work in several different sectors.

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