Tips on how to get a good job as your wish

  • The first thing you have to do is write various job listings on a piece of paper.  Write down various criteria. Give a score for each criterion, from highest to lowest in your judgment. Give a maximum rating of 10 to make it easier for you to choose which company is most important and has the highest score for you.
  • In the next column, you can make the job subject that interests you. Fill in various types of jobs such as consultants, salespeople in industrial companies, banks, insurance, administration etc. Give value to each of the jobs that you have filled in, but still consider the criteria that you have set earlier. For example, you write down a job that interests you as a consultant. To give value in this section, consider various aspects that have been written such as consideration of salary, ease of access or transportation, health insurance or others.
  • After you write down the points that fit your criteria, the next is multiplying the two weights. Multiply the weights at point 1 and point 2 to get the value of the job criteria you want. For example, you consider the salary generated is 9 with the weight of the type of work, consultants for example is 8. By multiplying the two weights you will get a value of 72, and so on for each job that you have written.
  • And the last step you have to do is add up all of the results of each multiplication that you have counted, so you can get the total weight of each job that you have written. The type of work that has the highest value indicates that the satisfaction and interest in the company is also getting higher.

There are many considerations that you really need to think about in order to get a job that suits you.

One by one the criteria in choosing work must be considered carefully. Because if you get the wrong choice of work, this can make you feel regretted and have an inner pressure for years. Moreover, in this day and age, it’s not an easy matter just to find a job that suits what you want.

Patience in choosing a job that you want is the main key to become a part of the company that you want. Plus, the job you are looking for must be able to prosper yourself and your family. Do not let the work you choose instead becomes a burden for you and your family later.

Having a high education is also one of the important factors that you must have when applying for a job. Because this will also have an impact on the type of work, class and salary you will receive.

Try to choose a job that suits your major during your education so that you can develop yourself faster to be able to improve the quality of work for the better.

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