Tips to finding a job for single parents

Single parents have an unpleasant challenge to overcome the stigma that accompanies because of their status, especially in traditional Asian culture. Some companies also  think that they are less flexible, more prone to take leave, and less focused on the job. It might be more challenging for single parents to get the same job opportunities as parents in general, therefore single parents must be more focused in their job search.

Here are 5 tips for finding a job that must be done for single parents who wish to advance their professional careers:

1. Identify companies with family friendly policies and flexible working hours

Focusing on finding a job that does not see marital or child status is important, but in the case of a single parent, it is more important because it ensures that you do not waste the time and effort that applies to the wrong company.

Researching the company’s work culture will tell you a lot about their values and approaches to employee work life balance and general welfare. Checking online reviews of the company is always a good place to start, because this review provides direct feedback from previous company employees and current.

2. Look for job employment opportunities from home (you can link this to home / long distance job advertisements)

The internet has really changed the way we work, live and consume. This effectively empowers people who work to work remotely, giving us more flexibility and autonomy to manage our careers. According to Forbes, ‘Now, as more companies accept and integrate telecommuters into their business models, 2018 is the ideal time for job seekers to pursue a better job and be more flexible.

On the other hand, the open nature of the internet also makes it easy for fraudsters to cheat job seekers with job prospects to look good. Therefore, it is important to do some research when considering “virtual” employment by the company that you have never met in person. Ask for recommendations from people you trust about which companies or clients can be trusted.

3. Make sure your skills and knowledge are always up-to-date

To overcome the bias that your prospective employer might have with your single parent status, it is very important that the skills and knowledge are relevant and up-to-date. If you need to register for a course to learn the latest programming languages or current best practices in web design, then do it. You need to make sure that your resume shows that your skills and competencies are on par with the next best candidate.

4. Be honest about your job expectations

Maybe you are tempted to hide your single parent status from prospective companies during an interview, but that will be the worst thing to do. Not only will it backfire on you in the future (the truth will eventually be revealed), it might destroy your company’s previous trust, which will be a disaster.

Honest and transparent about your situation – employers appreciate your honesty and will appreciate more. Being honest about your job expectations will make you free from anxiety because you are afraid that someone will find your status as a single parent, and cause you to become stressed and the result is you become not optimal when working.

5. Consider starting your own business

Just like companies that start embracing work from home as a future for work, there has never been a better time to start your own business, be it a micro business or something more complicated. Even providing freelance services is a great way to facilitate your transition to becoming an entrepreneur.

There are so many options available today. You can produce and sell homemade products such as baked goods, homemade soaps and beauty products, arts and crafts, etc. on Etsy, or starting an online shop in one of several eCommerce platform available today. The point is, you have many options at your fingertips (literally, since the internet is your gateway to an international audience).

Regardless of the stigma attached to single parents, we can enjoy the fact that technology is redefining the future of work, create job opportunities distances much easier now compared to a decade ago.

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