Ways to Find Work without the Internet

In this modern world, it is difficult to do a job search without relying on the internet. Its because technology is too much developed and we are fully rely on it. But there are still some old ways to find the jobs. There are few mediums are explaining here…

1. Newspaper

Before the digital world, newspapers were one of the leading sources of daily information for the public. It contains not only daily news, but also various kinds of information, including job openings.

Until now, the majority of newspapers are still in demand by companies or business owners as a medium to offer vacancies. Not a few also large companies that put up open positions, especially in well-known national newspapers.

2. Information from acquaintances, friends, or family

The importance of social connections in an another way to get job opportunities. Even this advanced technological time ,we still using our connections to get a good job. The wider your social circle, the more opportunities to spread the word that you are looking for work.

3. Announcement or leaflet

Some of the ordinary business owners like to post announcements for employee searches to fill their vacancies at the door or through leaflets that can be found in public places, such as bulletin boards at universities, cafes, or gyms. Generally this type of information does not specify in detail the criteria or type of work.

4. Send applications directly to the company

Another way to get work, go directly to a company and ask for If there happens to be a vacancy, you can leave your resume with the HR department. Sometimes, companies also offer live interviews right away or walk-in interviews.

5. Attend job fairs

There are many number of agencies will host job fairs for new recruitment for fresh graduates and other job seekers. Information about the events can be found at the university notice board or any news paper. Sometimes, the universities also held their own job fairs.

At the job fair you can meet a handful number of different company choices in one location, but this means you only have a short amount of time to leave a good impression so that the recruiter is interested in contacting you later.

Be thankful that we are now in technologically advanced golden age of the internet. Just one finger gesture, you can open the door to various opportunities that have the potential to change lives and bring experiences that were difficult to achieve a few years ago.

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