Ways to make sure your e-mail is read, not deleted

How many of us are actually opened and read every email that you receive? Not much, if we consider, only 34.1% of emails sent in the North America region was opened. The reason is simple. When the inbox continues to be flooded with emails, of course we will prioritize which emails will be read. Poorly written emails will end up unopened or opened and immediately deleted.

Research shows that as many as 269 billion emails are sent every day, with more than 3.7 billion email users around the world today. To put the current situation in place, the average office worker reports receiving 121 emails every day and sending around 40 business e-mails every day. Here are 6 common mistakes you might make in your e-mail, and a quick way to suggest that your e-mail be read and not discarded by e-mail recipients.

1. You created a Weak Email Subject

Subject or title of the email is part of an interesting and important when we are going to send an email. Make a subject that is directly to the point, brief and personal.

2. Poor Email Flow

When you write an e-mail, it’s good to pay close attention before sending an e-mail to the intended person. Pay attention to the core of your e-mail, the key points of the e-mail and the conclusions for getting a reaction from the e-mail recipient.

3. Solid Paragraph

Create an email readable but not solid and long – winded. Do not make the reader feel bored to read because the contents are not relevant to the subject. In essence, convey the message as efficiently as possible.

4. Use Correct Grammar

Use a spell check to catch mistakes in writing if you are unsure about the grammar we write.

5. Not Using Alternative Contacts

Always enter the e-mail in the first e-mail, but complete the section in the next section, this is to avoid a long e-mail chain.

6.  Attachment

Do not send attachments or files if they are not really needed. Moreover, attachments with large capacity make it difficult to open. Send attachments or emails if necessary.

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